Abbie's Story

My name is Abbie Deaton, and I'm a respite caregiver and supervisor at Hand-In-Hand. My role is to take care of all of our participants as a whole, provide medications, and to be a team player with everyone while also providing a safe, enriching, and FUN environment for these kids.

Why do I love Hand-In- Hand? Well, I started working at Hand-In-Hand several years ago, and it was my first job in my career field. I still remember the very first day I started here, and I can truthfully say that I have never felt so welcome, loved, and cared for, not only by the kids, but by the staff, and representatives. Hand-In-Hand has provided me with the absolute best care as an employee, and brought me in as family. There is nothing that we do not do as a team. Everything is based on a team effort, and we have absolutely amazing staff on board. Everyone has each other’s backs, and we are more than just a team, we are a family.


One of my favorite things about being part of such a special place is that I get to go into work every day knowing that we are making a difference. Not only do we change these

participant with former staff member

kids’ lives, but we change families' lives. We give these families a place that they can feel safe sending their children to, and allow them to feel comfort when they drop their kids off in our staff’s hands every day. We give them the reassurance that their kids DO BELONG, and that we care for each one of them as our own. Accomplishments NEVER go unnoticed here. We celebrate, we have fun, we encourage, and we grow as a team. Hand-In-Hand provides top of the line care for every single participant, and every participant is treated equally. While we may be teaching these kids, they are also teaching us, showing us what life can offer with just a smile. These kids mean the world to us, and to us, they are the world. We want nothing more than to watch them grow and to be successful. Being able to be a part of that process is truly amazing.


I think that our center provides amazing benefits. No matter what is going on in life, walking into this place and receiving a giant hug from any of these amazing kids that we care for will truly brighten your day. My heart is always full. Hand-In-Hand will always be my second home.

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