Staff Profile: Dawn Grace

My name is Dawn Grace and I’m the Curriculum Director at Hand-in-Hand. I work with the child care and preschool, after school, and summer enrichment programs, and I plan all the activities the children and young adults do on a daily basis. I handle all the participant files, keeping them organized and up to date, and I work with the Hand-in-Hand staff members to ensure quality and licensing is current and being followed. I also plan the summer enrichment program and all the field trips for the kids in the summer. Lastly, I answer phones and the door and order things when necessary because everything at Hand-in-Hand is a team effort. I love Hand-in-Hand because we are like one big, happy fami

The Importance of Reading

The following blog post was written by a St. Ambrose University marketing student as part of a final project for class. We appreciate the research and insight the student provided on this topic. Jacqueline Kennedy once said, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” Reading to young children, and then encouraging them to read themselves once they get old enough do so themselves, will improve the teenagers, young adults, and professionals they will grow up to be, whilst also advancing the young children they currently are. Between the ages of 2-5, reading to your child and allowing them to try to read books on their own increases academic su

Global Name Jacket Program

The Global Name Jacket Program is a partnership between Hand-in-Hand and the Scott County first responders which aims to diffuse possible high risk scenarios between first responders and individuals with disabilities or special needs. Find out more in the video! #globalnamejacket #scottcounty #firstresponders #handinhand #disabilities #specialneeds

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