People with Purpose

People with Purpose is a program tailored to individuals that are over 18 years of age and have special needs. They are individuals of all abilities who come together both at Hand-in-Hand and in the community to use their skills and talents to better themselves and provide opportunities to improve the Quad City community. People with Purpose participants are also learning skill sets to become more independent and be involved in a workplace atmosphere. Until June 5, 2017, we ran our program solely on Tuesdays, but we've now expanded to a three day a week program that runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. We're very excited to expand our volunteering opportunities throughout the community mu

The Importance of Respite Care

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines respite as “a period of temporary delay” or “an interval of rest or relief,” and respite care is typically defined as “services or programs provided by an agency that give primary caregivers temporary relief from caring for an individual with an illness or disability”. Respite care can range from out-of-home activities or programs during the day and evening, to overnight or weekend programs that give caregivers 12+ hours off, to in-home caregiving services which give primary caregivers a break and offer companionship and health assistance to the individual. When you’re the parent or guardian of a child with special needs or a disability, you’re also a careg

Staff Profile: Brittany Herrmann

My name is Brittany Herrmann and I've worked at Hand-in-Hand for a year now. Previously, I had volunteered here for a little over a year, which puts me at being involved with the organization for over 2 years. I do a little bit of everything in regards to our evening/weekend and other respite programs. I’m in charge of planning 5 different programs and schedules: People with Purpose participant and staff schedules, Evening/Weekend recreational activities participant and staff schedules, and lastly the volunteer schedules. I also manage all the volunteers for our programs. I coordinate and collect all the billing for multiple programs including People with Purpose, Evening/Weekend programs, a

Hand-in-Hand's New Lockdown Policy

Hand-in-Hand has a new lockdown policy in order to comply with state licensing requirements and to provide the safest environment possible for our staff and participants. Here are the basic details. For more extensive details, please see an updated version of the parent handbook. When Hand-in-Hand staff members' and participants' safety is threatened by a security issue (such as a disgruntled individual, active shooter, community violence, etc) and the safest place for them is to stay in the building, Hand-in-Hand will use the following procedure: -Lockdowns will be announced through the phone/intercom system by the Director of Licensed Care. Any additional instructions will be shared by the

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