Simple Activities to Do This Winter (So You and Your Child Don't Go Stir Crazy!)

The cold winter months can bring a lot of days indoors and kids can easily get bored when they can’t go outside, and bored kids can lead to frustrated parents. Fear not! We have some recommendations for fun activities you can do with your kids (some of which they can then do on their own to give you some time to yourself), and you probably already have most of the supplies you need for these activities. Color with textures You’ll need crayons, paper, and a textured surface, such as wood, tables with interesting texture, and fabric (such as burlap). Place the paper over the texture surface, start coloring, and watch as the texture shows through the paper. For an example of coloring with textu

6 Holiday Survival Tips for You and Your Child

The holidays can be a wonderful time for families, but for children, including children with special needs, the holidays can be a stressful time where their usual routine is thrown out the window, they’re visiting places they don’t go on a regular basis, and they experience sensory overload from the many different sights, smells, and sounds that accompany the holidays. If this time of year is difficult for your child, there are some things you can do to prepare them (and yourself) for the holidays. While you may not be able to prevent every possible meltdown, you can at least go into the holidays with a plan and with a child who is prepared for what’s coming, giving your family the best chan

Food Allergy-Friendly Recipes That Will Make Thanksgiving Cooking a Piece of Cake (or Pie)

Hand-in-Hand has many participants with food allergies, and we adjust the recipes we use for snacks and meals every day so we don't trigger an allergic reaction. However, we don't have to worry about making Thanksgiving food that can feed whole families while also worrying about a food allergy, like you might. Thanksgiving cooking and baking can be stressful when you have to accommodate for a food allergy because most traditional Thanksgiving recipes have one or more of the following, all of which can trigger a food allergy: milk, butter, nuts, eggs, and wheat. So, how do you go about making anything for this meal when you have to exclude these common ingredients? Luckily for those with food

4 Things You Should Know About the AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa Change

Last week, AmeriHealth Caritas announced they are ending their participation as a managed care provider (MCO) with the Iowa Health Link program. This means that if you currently receive MCO services through AmeriHealth Caritas in Iowa, you will need to choose a new MCO in order for your services to continue uninterrupted starting December 1, 2017. Here’s what you should know: 1. If AmeriHealth Caritas is your MCO, you should be notified (if you haven’t been already) of the change and how to select a new MCO 2. There are two remaining MCO providers to choose from: UnitedHealth Care or Amerigroup 3. Hand-in-Hand will contract with the remaining 2 MCO providers in Iowa so you can count on the s

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