What Is Birdies for Charity and How Does It Even Work??

The John Deere Classic is one of the biggest events in the Quad City area, and for good reason! It’s a golf outing that sees tens of thousands of spectators each year, and their Birdies for Charity program has raised $93.6 million since it started in 1971 ($12.8 million total in 2017 alone!), ranking the John Deere Classic #1 in per-capita donations across the entire PGA tour. Here’s how it works: You can give a flat donation or pledge one cent or more per birdie To give a one-time flat donation, you can click here, type “895” in the search box and follow the directions for payment. That’s it! If you want to pledge, you can download and print a pledge card or find a location that offers them

Society’s Misconceptions about People with Disabilities

Consensus studies in recent years have shown that 12.6% of the American population has a disability. Ambulatory disabilities (having difficulty with mobility) are most prevalent, while self-care and vision disabilities are the least prevalent. Cognitive disabilities land right in the middle, affecting about 4.8% of the total U.S. population as of 2015. Yet, the experiences of individuals with disabilities continue to be ignored, trivialized, or criticized due to a lack of understanding of those individuals and their experiences, and the fact that society is designed to benefit typically developing individuals. Annie Segarra is an advocate for disability rights, using her social media followi

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