The Trial and Error of Intervention Strategies

We had a diagnosis: sensory processing disorder or SPD. I knew the technical term for this, and I knew that this meant that my daughter Addison received and interpreted senses differently than what I would expect. I knew that we would be spending a great deal of time with specialists, occupational therapists, ENT doctors, and school interventionists in our future. In reality, what lay ahead of us was a lot of trial and error in our attempts to find intervention and coping strategies for Addison. Treatment for SPD generally begins with an occupational therapist to work on retraining the senses or finding coping methods for different sensory inputs and responses. According to,

Sensory Processing Disorder: Say What?

It all started with the screaming. You might call this a temper tantrum; all kids have them, right? My older girls experienced them. I had witnessed them as the oldest of five children myself - and okay, I may have thrown one or two as a child. But for my youngest daughter Addison, this was more than a temper tantrum. Her struggles, her challenges, her difficulties all began with a scream. I remember her first six months of life as relatively easy. She slept well, took to a bottle and to our family with ease, and was an overall healthy baby. Sometime after this, it all changed. Addison was waking up frequently during the night, often screaming until picked up. She was constantly undressing h

Voting 101

Midterm elections are being held on November 6, 2018 and while we’re not here to tell who to vote for, we are here to remind you that adults of all abilities have the right to vote. Because The Federal Voting Rights Act allows states to enact laws preventing those with “mental incapacities” to vote, many people assume that all those who have disabilities are excluded from voting. That’s simply not true! In states like Iowa, as long as you understand the voting process, can independently choose candidates for yourself, and haven’t had a judge rule that you can’t vote, you are eligible to vote. Illinois is inclusive to voters of all abilities as well, but if you have questions or concerns abou

What the Heck is "Inclusion" Anyways?

Inclusion can be defined in many ways. One of the most recent definitions listed by Merriam-Webster is “the act or practice of including students with disabilities in regular school classes.” The act of inclusion can also be applied to after-school clubs, sports teams, shopping with their families, and general community events. The bottom line? Every activity has the potential to be inclusive. The Lucky Few podcast is hosted by Heather Avis, Mercedes Lara, and Micha Boyett, three women who are mothers of children who have Down syndrome, and who promote advocacy for their kids and others who have Down syndrome. In their most recent podcast episodes, they spoke with Kristin Enriquez, an inclus

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