Mary Anne's Story

“Hand-in-Hand” is an absolutely perfect name!  They have truly walked hand-in-hand with us through most of Jimmy’s life, and they have been wonderful partners for us as parents and the most caring of care-givers for Jimmy. 


Jimmy has been involved with Hand-in-Hand from the beginning. He started by going to Camp Hand-in-Hand each summer.  I can remember standing in line (early!) on registration days and how valuable the Resource Expo was afterwards in connecting us up with other services/programs in the area. Hand-in-Hand has always been about the participant and their family, and always willing to share information and resources.


The after school and summer programs were invaluable to us as working parents, as they provided a safe and familiar place for Jimmy. Along with the evening programs, they have provided a setting for Jimmy to be himself and to be a part of a social group also. They encourage growth while understanding and allowing people to be who they were meant to be.  Jimmy especially enjoys Bowling, Popcorn & Movie nights, and attending local sporting events.

As Jimmy as grown, so have the Hand-in-Hand programs.  He now attends the People with Purpose program and is doing amazing things with the help from an amazing, understanding staff. We appreciate the creative and forward-looking nature of Hand-in-Hand. Their programs have expanded to include our young adults, and for that we are so thankful.


Jimmy says it best when it’s a Hand-in-Hand program he is headed to; he’s going to be with “my people”.

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