Hand-in-Hand's New Lockdown Policy

Hand-in-Hand has a new lockdown policy in order to comply with state licensing requirements and to provide the safest environment possible for our staff and participants. Here are the basic details. For more extensive details, please see an updated version of the parent handbook.

When Hand-in-Hand staff members' and participants' safety is threatened by a security issue (such as a disgruntled individual, active shooter, community violence, etc) and the safest place for them is to stay in the building, Hand-in-Hand will use the following procedure:

-Lockdowns will be announced through the phone/intercom system by the Director of Licensed Care. Any additional instructions will be shared by the same system, or by a director or supervisor verbally confirming directions with each classroom

-A director will then call 911 to communicate the threat and that Hand-in-Hand is on lockdown

-Directors will communicate with families via group email or text that we are on lockdown, the nature of the threat, how to communicate with Hand-in-Hand staff, and what actions they should take

-When it's been determined that the center is no longer in danger, the Director of Licensed Care will announce over the phone/intercom system, "All clear. We are no longer in lockdown." Families will be notified when the lockdown is over

-Hand-in-Hand will do practice lockdown drills every month so all participants and staff are well acquainted with the process.

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