Simple Activities to Do This Winter (So You and Your Child Don't Go Stir Crazy!)

The cold winter months can bring a lot of days indoors and kids can easily get bored when they can’t go outside, and bored kids can lead to frustrated parents. Fear not! We have some recommendations for fun activities you can do with your kids (some of which they can then do on their own to give you some time to yourself), and you probably already have most of the supplies you need for these activities.

Color with textures

You’ll need crayons, paper, and a textured surface, such as wood, tables with interesting texture, and fabric (such as burlap). Place the paper over the texture surface, start coloring, and watch as the texture shows through the paper. For an example of coloring with textures, check out this blog post from Mom Trusted.

Make homemade playdough

This recipe for homemade playdough requires ingredients you likely already have at home and is super simple! Plus, you and your child will get hours of fun out the playdough, so it’s a win-win.

Make homemade flubber

Follow these easy instructions to make homemade flubber that your kids can play with. This is a great sensory activity!

Do a sound hunt

If it’s warm enough/not icy, you can go on a sound walk where you identify all the sounds you hear outside (and you can use this FREE worksheet from Buggy and Buddy).

If it’s not warm enough to go outside, send your child on a sound hunt around your house. Give them a list of sounds they may hear in different rooms/areas of your home and have them “hunt” for those sounds. To make this even more challenging, make it a sensory hunt and include sounds, textures, and sights!

Play “What’s in the Balloon?”

Take water balloons and add things from around the house, such as coffee beans, flour, sugar, cereal, oatmeal, hair gel, cold water and warm water, or rice. Tie off the balloons, have your kids hold and squeeze them, and then ask them to try to identify what’s in each balloon. This is a great sensory activity, and bonus: you and your child can use these like stress balls (especially ones filled with flour)!

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Play with pots and pans

If you don’t mind the noise, simply give your kids pots, pans, and some cooking utensils like wooden spoons, and let them go crazy making music. To help them create lots of different sounds, give them mixing bowls, glasses filled with different levels of water, or a container filled with rice or coffee beans.

Make homemade paint

Follow this easy recipe to make homemade paint that’s free of toxins and is edible (it probably won’t taste very good, but it is edible!) to help explore your child’s creativity.

There are lots of ways to stay busy and engaged during winter breaks and on cold winter days, and these are just a few good ideas for you to try. In addition to what you can do at home, Hand-in-Hand offers a bunch of programs throughout the winter for your child to get involved in so they can explore their creativity, have fun with friends, and develop more skills. Plus, you get a much deserved break while having peace of mind that your child is having fun in a caring environment!

What are your favorite winter activities that keep you and your child from going stir crazy?

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