Voting 101

Midterm elections are being held on November 6, 2018 and while we’re not here to tell who to vote for, we are here to remind you that adults of all abilities have the right to vote.

Because The Federal Voting Rights Act allows states to enact laws preventing those with “mental incapacities” to vote, many people assume that all those who have disabilities are excluded from voting. That’s simply not true!

In states like Iowa, as long as you understand the voting process, can independently choose candidates for yourself, and haven’t had a judge rule that you can’t vote, you are eligible to vote. Illinois is inclusive to voters of all abilities as well, but if you have questions or concerns about your right to vote, you can contact your Secretary of State’s office or the State Board of Elections: Iowa | Illinois

If you decide you want to vote, or your adult child would like to vote, do the following steps:

  1. Learn about the candidates who are running for federal and state positions, such a Governor, Secretary of State, Senators (state and federal), and House Representatives. Find candidates that align with the values and goals you find important.

  2. Find out if you’re registered to vote: Iowa | Illinois

  3. If you aren’t registered, do that today! Iowa | Illinois

  4. Find your polling place: Iowa | Illinois

  5. If you decide not to vote in person and instead want to use an absentee ballot, make sure you know how to receive your ballot and the deadline for submitting it: Iowa | Illinois

  6. Submit your absentee ballot by the due date or vote at your polling place on November 6!

The right to vote is an important one to use. Especially when so many issues related to disabilities, Medicaid, and healthcare are at stake, it’s important to have your voice be heard.

Happy voting!

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