The Benefits of Early Child Care & Preschool

Here at Hand-in-Hand we have three rooms of integrated and inclusive childcare. We have our infant room that serves about 8 children between the ages of 6 weeks – 20 months, our toddler room that serves about 10 children between the ages of 20 months – 3 years, and our preschool room where we serve about 20 children between the ages of 3 years – pre-Kindergarten. We strive to encourage discovery, creativity, development and exploration in a safe, secure, relationship-based environment. We believe that children should be allowed to gain confidence as they experience success, regardless of ability.

Our childcare program offers a safe, fun, and inclusive place for kids to learn and grow, no matter their abilities. Early childcare and preschool offer several benefits for kids and even benefits their parents too.

Socialization with Peer Group

Kids get the opportunity to spend time with their peers and learn to share and play with others. Children with a disability get the opportunity to interact with their typically developing peers and learn communication and social skills. In addition, typically developing kids can learn that disability is normal and common.


In an inclusive childcare program like Hand-in-Hand, it benefits kids to learn about others’ abilities and bond over similarities. People so often focus on other’s differences when people with disabilities offer so many strengths and share so many similarities with their peers. In addition, having an inclusive classroom challenges us to provide better education to everyone. Everyone learns in different ways, regardless of ability, whether it is visually, hands-on, verbally, etc.

Preparation for School

Kids learn structure and routine which better prepares them for entering Kindergarten. They also start to foster a love of learning through play and other structured activities. According to a recently published study by Duke University of 1.5 million youth in North Carolina, attending preschool made students more prepared for reading, writing and math and those affects lasted through 8th grade.

Parents Benefit Too

Childcare and preschool allows parents to work during the day or allows them to get things done at home. It also provides the opportunity for socialization with other parents. According to a University of Chicago study, low-income mothers who made friends through the daycare were 40 percent less likely to be depressed and high-income mothers were 60 percent less likely to be depressed. Not only do kids get the opportunity to socialize but so do parents.

​For more information or to schedule a tour of our childcare facility, please contact Kayla at 563-332-8010 extension 1 or email her at

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