Why You Should Hire Someone with a Disability

Although the unemployment rate for people with disabilities continues to improve, it is still almost twice the rate (6.3%) of those with no disability (3.2%). There are currently 1 in 4 people that have a disability currently in the United States which makes the disability community the largest minority group in the nation. Despite this, only 20% of people with disabilities are participating in the labor force compared to 69% of people without disabilities.

People with disabilities have a wealth of knowledge like any other employee and have unique skills that make them great assets for any employer. Here are a just a few reasons why it’s smart to hire people with disabilities.

1. Diversity in the Workplace

Everyone benefits from a diverse workplace. Just like in our inclusive child care program, it benefits to have an inclusive workplace. Employees will learn about their coworker’s abilities and realize that we all have more in common with each other than we think. Every person sees the world in a different way and that unique perspective can benefit a workplace.

2. Unique Skill Set

There are certain disabilities that may be better suited to certain jobs. For example, tasks that are very detail oriented and repetitious may be a great fit for someone on the autism spectrum. They may thrive in a job that others may find too repetitive. In addition, navigating a world that isn’t always accessible can make people with disabilities great at adapting to different situations and problem solving.

3. Job Retention Rate

According to a study conducted by DePaul University, participants with disabilities from the retail and hospitality sectors stayed on the job longer than participants without disabilities. The study also found that across all sectors, participants with disabilities had fewer scheduled absences than those without disabilities. In addition, people with disabilities who work in the retail sector had fewer unscheduled absences than those without disabilities. Overall, no matter the sector, participants with and without disabilities had nearly identical job performance ratings.

4. Most Accommodations are Easy and Low Cost

According to the Job Accommodation Network, 50% of the accommodations cost less than $500 and 19% cost nothing at all. More than 80% of accommodations cost less than $1,000.

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