temickie's Story

Our son, Malachi, was diagnosed with autism when he was almost two years old. We didn’t know much about autism or what to expect. We always knew he was very quick at movements. For example, when Malachi started crawling he could crawl faster than we could walk, and when he started to walk he went straight to running. Caring for him was a lot for me throughout the day, and I had a hard time letting go and trusting help.

Malachi‘s case manager suggested Hand-in-Hand programs to us, we sat down with Molly (Hand-in-Hans’s case manager) at our home to go over the wonderful things that Hand-in-Hand offered. After we got a tour of the building, we felt comfortable with them and liked that he would have a one-on-one helper to keep him safe.

That was three years ago, and Malachi is now six years old and nonverbal. He lets us know how much he enjoys going to Hand-in-Hand by expressions, like when we pull into the parking lot his face lights up with a big smile, and he kicks his legs with excitement, or when we are just driving past, he will point and fuss at us as if we are going the wrong way. We call them our family, and we whole heartedly trust them as our own family with Malachi. If I ever have questions or concerns, I always feel free and comfortable enough to address them with the staff at Hand-in-Hand. They understand that Malachi is our life, he comes first, and that we want the best for him. We don’t know what we would do without all the help and support we get from Hand-in-Hand.

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