National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Julia Field

Julia Field started her volunteer journey at Hand in Hand in 2006 when she was 7 years old. Hand in Hand cofounder and local teacher, Vinnie Smith, invited her out to our annual bowling league.

“It was always so much fun to see bowlers get recognized for their accomplishments during the bowling season! Another event I really loved was Hand in Hand’s first teen night event at Assumption High School in 2014. I loved how excited Hand in Hand participants and Assumption students were for the event, and it was a huge success,” she said.

Julia is currently finishing her Master of Education in Learning and Design at Vanderbilt University and says that her time volunteering at Hand in Hand inspired her work in education and helped her understand the importance of connecting with one’s community.

“The time I spent volunteering at Hand in Hand shaped me in more ways than I can describe. My time at Hand in Hand influenced my passions, interests, and ultimately, my career goals and trajectory. Additionally, volunteering at Hand in Hand gave me the chance to develop my leadership abilities throughout high school, as I had the opportunity to organize Assumption student volunteers and help plan various Hand in Hand programming events,” Julia said.

Her work at Hand in Hand allowed her to connect with other nonprofits and community organizations in the Quad Cities as well. She was even able to serve on two boards at the Community Foundation during her high school and college years.

“I would love for everyone in the Quad Cities, and beyond, to know about the beautiful place that is Hand in Hand…every participant at Hand in Hand is deeply valued and every volunteer and staff member is greatly appreciated. Every single person who walks into the doors at Hand in Hand is cherished as an individual and admired as an important member of the team,” she said.

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