Many of our participants need support in accomplishing day-to-day activities as well as the fun experiences we all enjoy. Volunteering as a caregiver allows participants with disabilities a chance to make friends, learn new skills, and partake in enjoyable activities.


Hand in Hand was created with the belief that every individual, regardless of ability, should have opportunities for fun and personal growth. Volunteering helps give our participants a chance to safely try new things and learn new skills, and you might learn

a thing or two along the way, too!


We also believe that it's important to take improve the well-being of the entire family, not just the children and adults of the family. So, in addition to helping children have full and happy experiences at our programs, you allow their regular caregivers a chance to go to work, grocery shop, or even have an evening out to relax. What a gift!

Child Care Classroom Volunteer

Help in the Child

Care classrooms

Camp Hand-in-Hand Buddy

be a buddy at camp

hand in hand

People with Purpose Volunteer

volunteer in the

community with pwp

help with projects

at our facility


How old do I need to be before I can volunteer with Hand in Hand?

Volunteers of all ages are welcome, but volunteers under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult supervisor. Camp Hand in Hand is the exception: volunteers can be as young as 14 years old for that program.

What activities will I do as a volunteer?

It depends on which program or event you wish to volunteer for. For instance, Camp Hand in Hand is a popular opportunity with high school and college students, as it's during the summer. You will be buddied up with a camper and will do all the camp activities (like archery, fishing, horseback riding, crafts, and swimming) alongside them.

Other volunteer opportunities include helping with Hand in Hand Prom, assisting in child care classrooms, helping with painting, gardening, or fall/spring clean up projects at our facility, and volunteering with People with Purpose in the community. For more details about types of volunteer activities, please contact Dawn Grace or check out our volunteer opportunities below.  

How does volunteering at Hand in Hand work?

You'll need to apply to volunteer with our Director of Recreation and Volunteers, Dawn Grace, then have a background check done. Once approved, you'll be matched with activities and participants that you're comfortable with. You could be paired one-on-one with participants or work with a group of participants, and an experienced staff member will always be available to answer your questions and give you guidance. Volunteering can be done one time only or on a recurring basis.

How do I get started?

Email Dawn with your volunteer application and she can guide you through the start up process. You can reach Dawn at 563-332-8010 ext. 2 or dawn@handinhandqc.org.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our participants of all abilities! 

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