Programs Overview

inCLUSIVE child care

and preschool

Hand in Hand's inclusive child care and preschool program is unique in the Quad Cities. Many child care facilities can't accommodate every child's needs or adapt activities for different abilities, but that's exactly what we pride ourselves on.

We welcome children of all abilities, including those with disabilities, and we adapt activities so each participant can have fun and learn new skills.

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school age programs

Hand in Hand's inclusive school age programs give parents and primary caregivers the ability to work with peace of mind about their children's safety and well-being.

Our after school, school out days, and Summer Enrichment programs give participants of all abilities opportunities to learn, play, and grow in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Field trips, guest appearances from the library and orchestra, and visits from therapy dogs are just a few of the fun perks of these programs!

School age programs are available for children with and without disabilities ages 5-18.

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Hand in Hand's evening and weekend programs are designed to give participants a chance to have fun with their friends while also giving parents and primary caregivers a break from their caregiving duties. An inclusive program means your child or adult can attend whether they have a disability or not! We welcome all friends to join us for fun and learning. 

Programs range from fitness classes (such as adaptive Zumba and yoga), to a cooking and nutrition class, to a weekend sleepover.

Important outcomes from these programs include learning new things, increasing independence and social skills, and improving self-esteem and mental health. We hope that every participant who comes to evening and weekend programs feels welcomed, encouraged, respected.

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people with purpose

Hand in Hand's adult volunteer program, People with Purpose, gives participants a chance to volunteer in the Quad Cities community while also working on life and work skills.

Participants volunteer at various organizations doing tasks ranging from cleaning, to working in gardens, to making sandwiches.

Any individual 18 years or older who would like to make an impact in the community and have fun with others their age would be a great fit for this program!

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From first finding out about Hand in Hand to my child starting programs, what's the intact process like?

You will contact Hand in Hand and set up a tour our the facility and programs with your child, and fill out paperwork. Hand in Hand will then assess the paperwork and see if our programs are a good fit for your child, and vice versa. If there are concerns of aggressive behaviors or other concerns, we will do a one month trial period. After the one month, if there is a pattern of concerning behaviors or actions, the participant will be excluded from Hand in Hand programs. 

Do you provide care to children or adults whose primary diagnosis is a mental illness?

Unfortunately, we cannot. We provide recreational care, building social skills and independence, primarily for participants with physical or intellectual disabilities. We don't possess the expertise to provide care based on mental health needs.

Would my child be excluded from programs for their aggressive behaviors?

Aggressive behaviors pose a risk to staff and other participants so if, after a trial period, we still see a pattern of aggressive or destructive behaviors, we will exclude the participant from all programs. 

Does my child have to be registered for programs in order to attend them?

Yes, all participants are required to be registered as Hand in Hand participants and for the programs they wish to attend. For child care and school age programs, please contact Kayla Hartz, and for evening and weekend programs please contact Dawn Grace. For inquires about People with Purpose, our DayHab program, please contact Kyle Rodriguez

Can my child use Medicaid/Waiver for Hand-in-Hand programs?

Yes, certain programs qualify as waiver services. Please contact Molly Steil Rowland to learn more.

Is there financial assistance available?

Yes, Hand in Hand awards scholarships to those who need financial assistance. To learn how to apply for a scholarship, please contact Dawn Grace.

Additionally, waiver services are in place to provide funding, individualized supports and an appropriate level-of-care for individuals who qualify due to a disability. To learn more about this assistance, contact Molly Steil Rowland.

Does my child need to have a diagnosed disability to attend programs?

No, many of Hand in Hand's programs are inclusive, so there are participants of all abilities in attendance. However, Camp Hand in Hand is reserved for those with disabilities.

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